Bring Me Home - Web Portal

UX/UI Case Study

Redesign of the current website to transform it into a web portal.

Responsibilities: User Research, Prototyping, Interactions, Usability testing, Coding

Tools: Adobe XD, Miro, GitHub, VS Code

Time frame: 3 weeks


The Problem

1 of every 5 meals is thrown out

Businesses bin over 100Kg of food every week

Almost 50% ends in landfills

Bring Me Home (BMH)  was designed to reduce food wastage and support local businesses. 

We have observed that our product isn’t meeting these goals, which is causing users to use competitor apps that do not help reduce food waste or support local businesses.

How might we improve the user’s experience so that our customers are ordering food not only via the app but also through the web portal?

The Solution

We believe the implementation of a web portal for the Bring Me Home App will increase the number of users, while helping the local economy and reduce food wastage.

Competitor Analysis - SWOT





Survey Results

1 %

Participants use apps or websites to order food

1 %

Participants were looking for best deals near them

1 %

Participants would save food for a positive environmental impact

1 %

Participants are concerned about food wastage

Meet George Miller

George, 29, Single

“I spend way too much money through the apps on food due to easy accessibility”


Eats Local



Tech Savvy
Concerned about the environment
Spends Smart


To get the best deals
Eat good quality food
Reduce his food wasteage


Pain Points

Spending time cooking
All food delivery apps are same

User Journey Map


Searching for food

Orders food

Collects food

Low-Fi Prototype

Landing Page

The landing page inspired by competitors such as Uber Eats

We wanted to showcase the ‘Discover’ element, highlighting local deals near the user

We re-created top-nav to be more suited to a food ordering portal as opposed to the existing site which is more like a blog.

Map Feature

We borrowed elements from the existing app itself.

The map feature helps users to easily identify locations of deals nearby.

We aslo wanted to make payment process as easy as possible.


AB Testing

We did AB testing as well as some usability testing. AB testing helped us identify what style of navigation to use; users preferred a top nav system over a burger menu for all viewports as well as what button style users preferred.

The above image isan example of the hover feature being tested and the users preferred the A version. 

Next Steps

Completion of map functionality on site

Fully functional responsive website for all displays

Expand partnerships with produce stores

Option to directly donate to charities on the BMH site